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December 26, 2019

NOTES: on Myth-Conceptions

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Transplant Memory Series – NOTES

NOTE: When every possible we like to share with you our experience; in full disclosure its because Myther is a “terrible actor” I mean really the worst! (we talk about that on air and off air – Myther can’t follow a script if his life depended on it – FYI that is one of the reasons we don’t have rehearsals too but, that’s another story and – plus if somebody wants to commercialize or produce any of my real people documentaries or any of our 100 plus un-real Myth-U-Mentaries episodes then they have the story & dialog and if and when i we eventually release them as podcast or in book or interactive web form or what ever media we are ready willing and able too – many of them have educational components and touch on life lesson

I think of the Myth-conceptions as absurd as this my sound: as “un-seen films” films that intentionally don’t have a visual componenet – many of our very first immaculate myth-conceptions which go back in time to the beginning of time – actually to our 5 hour film “Framing of Lucifer by god” – think of it as instead of Dinner With Andre as Conversations with Lucifer which started out as an idea about doing a conversational documentary with Lucifer about his relationship with god and just exploded to a film that as one person said – redeems lucifer but that’s another story

anyway i digress – we started shooting the Myth-Illogical Immaculate Myth-Conceptions series a few years after “Framing of Lucifer by god” which had a few other names as well and in the course of shooting our latest series years later we did a few touching stand-alone episodes in the Ivory Tower Insane Asylum as part of Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket that wound up as an almost post or epilogue to “Framing of Lucifer by god” where i played “DEATH (who goes on strike and hides in Ivory Tower and Myther played Arch Angel Michael sent by god to talk Death into going back to work because people aren’t dying – which coincidentally is maybe my favorite piece because it humanizes death and educates young people who might be dying and in hospitals or people in hospice to not be afraid of death too it – too is shot in the dark because as i started to said – i got tired of putting on Strait-Jackets and lights, camera, action –

anyway i digress – in our process, we have Pre-Talks about what i am pondering as Myther is boring and predictable when left to his own demise – its true he is brilliant if you give him a little something to nibble and then he will run wild with it – my job actually for the most part is not the straight man in the strait-jacket but to take our absurdity seriously to keep in in the realm of the audience may think its crazy but my job is to keep them glued to the chair with taking this all very seriously – so usually the process is i have a backlog of threads of ideas that i email myself but to myther with the subject title Myther Character and name of character or an article or notes – we did a lot of homework on some of our topics – Tour Guide Through Hell as well as many famous people we brought back from the dead many from hell or somewhere –

well i digress again – i usually come up the thread of an idea that we talk about on or off camera depending on who we are – often we throw wrenches or surprises in or at each other – like the time i handed Myther my phone and said it was a call for him and he true to character picked it up and when it hit him we both couldn’t stop laughing at how absurd it was –

so i lay out what i have been thinking of and sometimes in our pre pre talk on and off camera we talk and talk and talk about what we both are thinking and feeling our way in the dark that i find interesting

can go on longer then the actually episode but actually to me its all one experience anyway you shall see in the follow what we do and don’t do and sometimes i just let myther ramble on and i ask him, brilliant insightful if i must say so myself questions as you shall see, unless you are blind – it in advanced and other times i just set the scenario and or for that matter in full disclosure after 100 plus episodes we still have no idea where we will wind up – for example in our largest series of over 50 “Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket” we like to share with you our experience and show you our creative process with pre & post-talks sandwiched between what appears to be the core Episodes – i like to called it Experiential, Experimental, Non-Linear Non-Story Stories – food for thought

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