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May 14, 2018

Myth-Illogical Myth-Conceptions a Myth-U-Mentary

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To a Myth-Illogical Playground of
Immaculate Myth-Conceptions
Myths tell a truth without the use of facts
Think contemporary Court Jesters meet Greek mythologist
Divine Tragic Comedies that never happened

and other Myth-Illogical Stories
Intro & OverView to over 100 plus episodes
Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket logo click for printable

a Myth-U-Mentary
Myth-Conceived, Myth-Directed, Myth-Understood
Produced, Filmed, Edited Acting, blah blah

geo geller
geo geller & Myther as somebody else
geo (at)
like the court jester we merge fact and fiction (myth) to tell a truth

“The Truth Will Make You Mad”
a Mythosphere of Myth-Understanding and Mythical Proportions

Myth-Illogical Theme Song by GEwIZ

produced in association with
Who’s Wearing Emperor’s New Clothes

and other Myth-Illogical stories
A Divine Tragic Comedy of Errors

The Truth Will Make You Mad” Aldous Huxley
Myth-Directed, Un-Scripted & Un-Rehearsed

In the spirit of Mark Twain
“We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore”
“The Truth is stranger than fiction,
because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.
Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” Oscar Wilde

Myth-Illogical Episodes Series – a Few Theme & Titles

Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket
A Tour Guide Through Hell
Sperm Brothers
Who’s Wearing Emperor’s New Clothes
Alien Encounters – DEATH – Immortal Man – Mother Nature
Framing of Lucifer & Arch Angel Michael by god
Conversation with the Dead & Beyond
Sisyphus, Neanderthal Man, Diogenes, Freud, Thomas Jefferson,
J. Edgar Hoover, Oscar Wilde, Aldous Huxley etc
Myth-Illogical conversations with dead artist about their paintings

as of 6/8/2018 we stopped counting there well over 85 plus episodes and we’re just getting started

an Un-Immaculate Mis-Conception
Un-Scripted, Un-Rehearsed & Un-Conceivable

NOTE: Our Myth-illogical Myth-Conceptions including Strait-Talk, Sperm Brothers. Mother Nature and others – we are open to exploring feature film options we are also open to offers of free therapy for Myther’s Schizophrenia, for HELP, distribution, sponsorship & donations of goods, services and messages too – we have a no-money back guarantee too – we are a work in progress experiential film/audio experience
so don’t just sit there HELP US

Mother Nature

a Myth-Illogical Conversations “Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket with Mother Nature”

[mp3j track=”″ autoplay=”n”]

Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket Mr. Armageddon

and What Were You Thinking

Episode, Post-talks (Behind the Scenes) 12/10/2017 – Directors Cut


Partial List of Episodes

Who’s Wearing Emperor’s New Clothes

Thomas Jefferson – Post Apocalypse: Trump Effect – Prophet of Fear: J. Edgar Hoover – Super Hero – Mr Wright is Always Right – Ghost of My Selves – Norman Everiman from Town of Apathy – Jesus: An Immaculate Myth-Conception – Trial on Trial – Sisyphus –- Mr Wight is Right – GURU – Mr Future – Ghost of My Selves –

Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket – Divine Comedy

Beginning and End (Prologue and Epilogue) – rePRESSed – Oscar Wilde – Past Lives – Noah – Identity Crisis – Trump (Make America Great Again) – Trump Framed – god Help Us – Aldous Huxley – Dostoevsky – On the Fritz – Danger (Truth Will Make You Mad) – Framed – Big Brother (aka Minister of Love & Justice) – Monsieur Jacques Off – Hypnotized Series – Mr. Armageddon – Lying & Lying In Wait (audio) – Santa Claus – School of Lying (audio) – Liberal Conservative Salesman Conflict (audio) – Mr Con-Artist (audio) – Father Time (New Years Eve 2018) – Ali Rezzor from Myth-oh-Potamia – Mr. Rich Bigot – Alien Encounters (series of 5) – Mr. Conspiracy – What Were You Thinking (Behind the Scenes) (audio)

Authors Note: in short i am in process of putting a mask on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but a hole in the truth by truthfully creating a whole series of Mythical Conversations/Documentaries & Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket that are challenging in unimaginable many ways

AUTHORS NOTE BEFORE ENTERING Like The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France, for the most part, paid for by French citizens – we invite you to be a part of our social-sculpture by bribing us, by becoming a stakeholder, a patron, a generous sponsor of our/your adventure into the Myth-Illogical world wide web, where as Aldous Huxley said “the truth will make you mad” and where Oscar Wilde said “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” we give you, thought-provoking Myth-Illogical pondering of the imponderable to ponder

So what are you waiting for timing is running out – join us before its too late as we explore the truth and nothing “but” the truth so help us “god” “it is said that, god helps those who help themselves so help us & forgive us? and give generously and remember the more you give the better we feel – oh and we have a no money back guaranteed too

Become a Stakeholder in our exclusive club that anybody living or dead can join – we accept Bribes and no reasonable offer refused – we also will have Donation & Patreon links -where the more you give the more exclusivity you will get – coming soon

the not so Fine Print clarification & hold harmless agreement we (Myth-Illogical) are an equal opportunity offender please don’t take offense by anything we say or leave out or mis-state especially but not limited too our use of “god” we aren’t talking about your “god” but our god and god forbid they be one and the same – we mean no offense is our defense – forgive us we are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore

Geo (geo geller) with IZ (Issa Ibrahm) performed by IZ singer songwriting collaboration more GEwIZ at

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